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Anger of Italian wives as invading Slav ‘ballerinas’ steal their males

Anger of Italian wives as invading Slav ‘ballerinas’ steal their males

An intelligent Tuscan spa town is in uproar after becoming house to tens of thousands of breathtaking Slav ladies, whom left the previous Soviet bloc in search of la dolce vita.

Regional ladies accuse the newcomers to be “escort girls” intent on luring rich Italian husbands.

A current brawl involving a team of Russian ladies in the centre of Montecatini Terme appears to back within the claims by some outraged residents that the eastern Europeans are reducing the tone of the resort.

Other people, nevertheless, welcome the influx of a projected 3,000 Russians, Poles, Bulgarians, Romanians and Uzbeks into the city of 20,000 and its own environs. Company is booming at upmarket restaurants and luxury boutiques due to the fact arrivals that are recent on fine meals and purchase the most recent fashions.

“They have taken fully to probably the most places that are expensive” one restaurateur stated. “and when here, these girls will never be satisfied with anything lower than the top plates in the menu.”

Such is the investing energy that the authorities of Montecatini, a genteel town raab himself ukrainian bride a 5th how big Cheltenham but two times as stuffy, have already been happy to disregard the dubious status of statuesque newcomers with supermodel numbers and chiselled cheekbones. In modern times, the city has dropped on crisis as Italians spurn it to get more exotic spas offshore.

The Slav ladies often enter Italy legitimately, with permits to work as “ballerinas” after creating diplomas by schools back home that they claim were given to them. [···]

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