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8 Saints You’ll Want Interceding for the Love Life

8 Saints You’ll Want Interceding for the Love Life

Maybe you’re in a bit of a dry relationship spell. Perhaps your heart is breaking. Or, perchance you would like to see eye-to-eye together with your partner. Or simply your love life simply needs a freaking wonder, currently (we’ve all been here). Whatever your romantic woe — we now have one easy concern: have you thought about prayer?

Yes, really. We’re dealing with the great, traditional, get-down-on-your-knees form of invocation. Some might call it directed meditation, but as Catholics we frequently call this sort of practice prayer, plus it usually involves asking other people who went before us to intercede on our behalf. As soon as it comes down to things associated with the heart, there’s rarely an improved antidote.

Therefore next time you’re experiencing a relationship low (or high!), keep in mind, there are many folks up in paradise who will be prepared and ready to assist you obtain better at love:

1. Whenever feeling that is you’re hopeless:

St. Anthony

Okay, so he’s that guy we all pray to whenever we lose our mobile phone, secrets, wallet, favorite sweater vest, etc. (Some call on him frequently, they affectionately called him “Tony.”) But did that he’s is known by you additionally the patron saint of lost causes too? [···]

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